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Choosing the Right Beneficiary for Your IRA

Under which conditions should you consider designating your spouse, your children, or a trust as your beneficiary?

Protecting Your College Student’s Well-Being from Afar

Having your college-age students sign a health care proxy and a durable power of attorney (durable POA) may give all of you greater peace of mind. 

Canby Financial Advisors Market Commentary for the Quarter Ended 9/30/2018

Away from the front page headlines, the US economy continues to exhibit strength.

Negotiate, Reactivate or Terminate: Your Expiring Term Life Insurance Dilemma

if your term life insurance policy is set to expire soon, now is the time to explore your options.  

Three Year-End Charitable Giving Options

These options offer immediate charitable tax deduction benefits while distributing the assets to charity at a later time.  

Changing Sector Classifications: What Could They Mean for Your Portfolio?

More than 10% of the entire S&P 500 market cap is being reclassified--including many household names. 

RMD or Not RMD? These are the Questions

With many retirees owning a mix of 401(k), 403(b), Traditional, Roth, SIMPLE- and SEP-IRA accounts, figuring out Required Minimum Distributions can be a head-scratching challenge.  

Charitable Giving and the New Tax Laws: What You Need to Know

For many taxpayers, the new laws actually offer better incentives to give more. 

401(k) Loans: The Option of Last Resort

As tempting as it may seen, borrowing from your retirement savings bank is rarely a good way to solve a financial crisis.  

Six Common Social Engineering Scams and How to Avoid Them

The Internet has made it easier than ever for scammers and criminals to exploit people's emotions.