Every November, Dan Flanagan "Grows a Mo" to Raise Awareness of  Men's Health Issues

Every November, Dan Flanagan "Grows a Mo" to Raise Awareness of Men's Health Issues

November 09, 2023

For the tenth year, Canby Financial advisor and partner Dan Flanagan is putting away his razor and letting his beard grow in November to show support and raise funds for the Movember Foundation, a nonprofit organization committed to promoting greater awareness of men’s health issues such as prostate and testicular cancer.

During the charity’s month-long “Grow a Mo” campaign, more than a million men around the world grow moustaches or beards in November to stimulate conversations about men’s health issues and promote awareness of Movember’s wide range of advocacy and education programs.

For Dan, the cause is personal.

“My grandfather died of prostate cancer, and I’ve known many men who have survived it. In most cases these cancers can be treated successfully if they’re detected early enough. But too many avoid prostate and testicular exams and only find out they have cancer when it’s too late. Movember is dedicated to raising awareness of these important issues,” he said.

2023 marks the tenth year that Dan has been “growing his mo” in November. He has found his temporarily scruffy appearance to be highly effective in opening conversations among his clients, friends and peers.

“Movember reminds us that while it’s sometimes easy to fix what you don’t like on the outside, taking care of your physical and emotional health requires a great deal of personal commitment. If my growing facial hair for one month a year motivates one man to get a physical exam then it’s well worth the effort,” he says.

Click here to learn more about the Movember Foundation.

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