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Decoding the “Alphabet Soup” of Advisor Designations

CFP®. CRPS®. AEP®.  Learn what these and other industry designations mean and why they matter.  

Identifying Your W-4 "Goldilocks Zone"

With the new tax rules, you'll want to make sure that the amount Uncle Sam withholds from your paycheck is "just right." 

A Seven Point Checklist for Your Estate Plan

Following these steps can help ensure your estate plan aligns with your goals and needs. 

Buying the Time That You Deserve

Research shows that outsourcing the tasks you dislike can lead to greater life satisfaction.  

Dan Flanagan featured in a new Wealth Advisor/Premier Trust whitepaper

In Maximizing Your "Tax-Able" Value, Dan discusses ways advisors can partner with CPAs to address clients' tax-related concerns and challenges. 

Nine Ways to Reduce Identity Theft Risk at Home

You don’t need to turn your home into a fortress to keep your personal information safe.

What's in Your Credit Report?

About to apply for a mortgage or car loan? Check out your creditworthiness for free--before your lenders do. 

Understanding Your Long Term Care Insurance Options

The option you choose could help keep an unexpected healthcare crisis from significantly affecting your family and financial security.  

Putting Your Money Where Your Values Are

Are there ways to invest with companies or industry sectors that align with your moral values without sacrificing potential returns? The answer is "Yes." 

So You Want to Buy a Vacation Home . . .

If you're dreaming about acquiring a "home away from home," don't ignore the financial realities of this major commitment.