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Looking Back at 20 Years with Canby Financial Advisors

Canby Financial's Managing Partner looks back at his twenty years with the firm. 

Ten New Year’s Financial “To Do’s”

These steps can help you make sure that your financial life is in good order. 

Four Critical Decisions You Should Make—and Communicate--to Your Loved Ones

Doing nothing to plan for end-of-life events could result in a loss of control over your own affairs and confusion for your loved ones. 

Dan Flanagan is quoted in a new MarketWatch article

Dan offers his unique perspective of taxes to a couple considering giving their home to their children. 

“Backdoor” Roth IRAs: A Roundabout Path to Future Tax-Free Income

If your income is too high to contribute to a Roth IRA, this strategy offers an attractive workaround. 

How Much Do You Know About Long-Term Care?

How much does eldercare cost, and how do you arrange it when it is needed?

Considerations in Trust Funding

As effective as trusts can be in managing assets, they can be completely ineffective if not properly funded. 

Your 2021 Medicare Enrollment Calendar

You can sign for Medicare as early as three months befor your 65th birthday. 

Joelle Spear is Quoted in a New Money Magazine Article

Joelle explains how COViD-19 spending reductions are helping Americans save more for major purchases. 

Joelle Spear is Quoted in a New Wall Street Journal Article

Joelle offers advice for potential mortgage refinancers.