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Early Retirees and Laid Off Workers: Exploring Your Heathcare Options

If you or someone you know has been laid off or has accepted an early retirement offer, it’s important to know what healthcare options may be available.

How the Expanded EIDL Program Can Help Your Small Business

This program offers government-backed loans to help qualified businesses meet expenses and retain employees.

The CARES Act’s Special Charitable Giving Incentives

The Act offers several tax-advantaged reasons to give more in 2020.

Stemming the Epidemic of COVID-19 Scams

Shameless criminals and scammers are profiting from Coronavirus-related fears.

The Importance of Estate Planning in a Health Crisis

An up-to-date plan can help you manage family matters during the current health crisis and prepare you for whatever the future may hold.

The CARES Act 2020 RMD Waiver: What You Need to Know

There are potential benefits to forgoing the distribution this year.

Tax Loss Harvesting: A Potentially Beneficial Bear Market Strategy

Selling stocks at a loss may help you lower your taxes for years to come. 

Should You Convert to a Roth IRA?

If you've been thinking about converting some or all of your retirement account assets to a tax-free Roth IRA, now might be an optimal time.  

Canby Financial Advisors Market Commentary for the Quarter Ended 3/31/2020

To state the obvious, a lot has changed in the first quarter of 2020. 

The 529 Plan Tax Risk You Shouldn’t Ignore

If you used a 529 plan withdrawal to pay for your child's college expenses this semester and you received a refund of college costs, recontributing your withdrawal into your 529 account may help you avoid unwanted taxes.