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Three Reasons Your Parents Might Be at Financial Risk

As your parents age, they may be more suspectible to fraud and less able to deal with their financial challenges.  How can you help?

Renewing Your Driver's License? It's Time to Get REAL

If you need to renew your driver's license soon, and are a frequent flier, consider “upgrading” it to a REAL ID.

Canby Financial Advisors Market Commentary for the Quarter Ended 3/31/2019

We've reached the 10-year anniversary of the start of the current bull market. Which factors have driven this rise, and will it continue?

Estate Planning Gaffes of the Rich and Famous

Even wealthy celebrities can leave behind a legacy of contested estates, squabbling heirs and expensive legal battles when they don't plan correctly.  

Deferring Gains Using 1031 Exchanges

For individuals who are sitting on large gains in investment or business property, a 1031 exchange may be a viable option for deferring those gains. 

Selling Your Stuff: The Tax Dimension

Whether you're running an online auction house on eBay or cashing in on your inherited antiques,  it's important to know if your profits are taxable.

The Obscure Tax Hike You May Plan to Avoid

As a result of the Affordable Care Act, the Medicare contribution tax has increased for high earners. How could this tax affect you?

Does it Still Make Sense to Donate Your Vehicle?

Do the new tax laws remove--or increase--the incentives for donating vehicles to charity? 

Test Your Knowledge of Retirement Health Care Costs

Take our quiz to see what you know--or need to know--about this important quality-of-life issue. 

So You Want to Be a Landlord

Increased cash flow, property appreciation, and tax benefits are attractive reasons to own rental properties. But before you become a landlord, make sure you understand what's involved.