Investment Strategy

We recognize that each investor has a personal financial history and risk tolerance. Through the financial planning process, we can determine the rate of return a portfolio should be designed to achieve and can recommend a target allocation among stocks, bonds, cash and nontraditional investments. Based on current market and economic conditions, we will tactically adjust your investment allocation away from perceived risks and toward potential opportunities.

We focus our analysis on identifying portfolio managers with consistent investment processes that have shown above average results for their asset category. We consider ourselves to be “managers of managers,” and we let the full-time investment professionals analyze and pick individual stocks and bonds. A typical account will have 10–15 diversified investment products that should work together to help reach your financial objectives.

In addition to managing the asset allocation mix of your accounts held with Canby Financial Advisors, we will monitor your other investment accounts, including your employer retirement plans, to help make sure your overall Investment Mix is managed according to your financial objectives

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