Retirement Income

In your nonworking years, will your investment portfolio be able to generate the cash flow you need to support your retirement lifestyle?

Essential Vs. Discretionary Budgets
You may not have used a budget while earning a regular paycheck, so why do you need one now? Well, maybe you still don’t, but you need to make sure you will not deplete your savings with 10 or 20 more healthy years. Understanding what your essential expenses are allows you to set a minimum budget; then you can add the cost of discretionary lifestyle choices.

Income Sources and Investment Assets
While working, you have been paying social security and saving into your retirement accounts. You may have also accumulated other assets at a bank and/or investment firm. We can help you determine how to structure your assets to provide a steady income stream, which can keep pace with inflation.

5 Critical Risks During Retirement

  1. Inflation—Costs go up over time
  2. Longevity—We’re living longer
  3. Asset Allocation—Growth vs. income 
  4. Withdrawal Rate—Five percent may be safe 
  5. Health Care—Possibly your greatest expense

We will help you develop a Personal Retirement Income Statement, which will match your budget needs with your income sources and present an asset allocation strategy designed for your retirement lifestyle.

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