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Joelle Spear, CFP® (She/Her)

Joelle Spear, CFP® (She/Her)

Financial Advisor, Partner

“I help individuals and families navigate important life transitions.”

Throughout the many stages of their lives, people have many transitions such as changing jobs, sending kids to college, approaching retirement or dealing with divorce or the loss of a loved one. While some transitions are joyous, other transitions are stressful. The value that Joelle brings, when people need her the most, is during these life transitions. People don’t always make the best decisions under stress.  As both a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) professional and a parent of two children, Joelle has a passion for helping people ease stress points during a transition so they can face the future with greater confidence.

Joelle builds strong relationships and trust with her clients by keeping them focused on what’s important and helping them avoid emotional impulses that can cloud their financial judgement.  She excels at going “beyond the numbers” to fully understand family dynamics, professional and personal challenges, and other issues that often keep people from making the most appropriate decisions. 

Armed with these insights, Joelle uses Canby Financial’s financial planning process and reports to help explain the choices clients may need to make to address both simple and complex financial challenges. She’s also there to answer key questions clients have throughout their lives. What is the earliest age they can retire? Will they have enough income to live the way they want to during retirement? Does their investment strategy align with their financial objectives? What’s the most tax-efficient way to sell company stock or exercise stock options? How can they provide financial protection for their families and leave a lasting legacy for their heirs and favorite causes?  Joelle believes every client’s financial picture is unique and her role is to help her clients understand how the pieces all fit together, working in their best interests to help them achieve their desired results.

Joelle loves spending time with her husband and two children. During her free time, she can be found skiing the slopes of Stowe, competing in triathlons and watching her kids with their activities.