Wealth Accumulation

As you progress through different stages of your life, wealth accumulation can sometimes seem like an aspiration, rather than a priority. Learning to manage your income to meet your current living expenses and save for long-term goals can be a difficult struggle.

Current Cash Flow and Net Worth
If you continue to spend and invest the way you do today, we can estimate if you are saving enough to pay for your kids’ college or have a comfortable nest egg for retirement. The value of the equity in your home, retirement accounts, and some personal savings make up the majority of many people’s assets. Subtract your mortgage and any other debt, and we can estimate your net worth.

Education and Retirement Savings
How much do you need to save to send your children to college? Are you on track to accumulate enough assets to afford a comfortable retirement? These are the two largest financial goals for most people, and you should understand how much money you will need, and how you can maximize your savings through 529 college savings programs, IRAs, and retirement plans through your work.

Asset Allocation
Do you know the asset allocation mix for your household’s overall investment portfolio? Are you an aggressive or conservative investor? Coordination of the asset mix for all of your accounts is important to help you maintain a diversified portfolio geared toward your objectives and risk tolerance.

A Complete Financial Plan
We will provide you with a set of recommendations to help you reach your goals. You decide how you want to implement the changes. We are equipped to assist with many of your investment and insurance needs. 

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