Estate Planning

Estate planning is a complex and emotional process. 

Estate planning is a complex and emotional process. 

The more you can do today to ensure that your assets are passed on your spouse, children or favorite causes efficiently, the easier it will be for them when you pass on. 

But even when your estate plan is fully realized, there are steps you should take to make sure your best interests are protected should you become physically or mentally incapacitated.  

Canby Financial's team of experienced financial planning professionals can work with you and your estate planning attorney to incorporate a tax-efficient estate plan into your overall financial plan and to help you choose appropriate family members or friends to serve as your healthcare and financial proxies.

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Canby Financial Advisors' Executor Guide provides explanations of common responsibilities and action items for family members or friends who are appointed executors of an estate. To request your complimentary copy, contact us


When thinking about your estate plan, there are many issues to consider.  


Pre-planning your funeral and interment can remove this burden from the shoulders of your spouse and children. 

If you store records or information digitally, you’ll need to take certain steps to ensure that your executor or personal representative will be able to access everything needed to gather and safeguard your assets, contact creditors, and, if necessary, oversee your business after your passing.  

It’s difficult to think about what may happen if your health starts to decline--or how your loved ones will carry on after your death. You can help prevent these unwanted consequences by making four critical decisions while you’re still healthy and communicating them in advance to your loved ones. 


When dealing with the impending death of a spouse, it can be extremely difficult to think about the many financial actions you will need to take after they pass away.  Ideally, you and your spouse should make a list of these tasks even before one of you becomes chronically ill. 

Before asking a loved one or friend to be your executor, consider the time involved, the scope of duties, and the burden the role may impose. 

If you've become a trust beneficiary, you may have questions about your rights and what to expect.