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Throughout the year, Canby Financial Advisors presents various webinars on a variety of investment and financial planning topics. 

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In this 40-minute session, Fidelity Investments' Capital Markets Strategist Dr. Claus te Wildt discusses: 

  • The potential short- and long-term global economic and market impact of inflation, interest rates, continuing supply chain issues and the Ukraine War.
  • Whether a major recession is imminent--and its likely severity.
  • Which segments of the stock and bond markets are likely to suffer most--and which are likely to recover sooner.

Claus te Wildt and Fidelity Investments are unaffiliated entities. 

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In this 30-minute presentation, Michelle Gucciardi, Program Coordinator with the nonprofit organization Serving the Health Insurance Needs of Everyone (SHINE), provides an unbiased, high-level overview of Medicare, with a focus on: 

  • What to keep in mind when choosing between basic Medicare and Medicare Advantage options.
  • What’s new in Medicare in 2023, including changes to enrollment periods and changes related to the Inflation Reduction Act.
  • A summary of what you can do during Medicare’s Fall Open Enrollment Period.
  • How to find State Health Insurance Assistance Program counselors in your state who can provide free, unbiased analysis of your Medicare options.

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Bob Doll, Chief Investment Officer at Crossmark Global Investments, shares his thoughts on the economy and his investment outlook for the rest of 2022, including his predictions on economic trends, interest rates, inflation, the stock market and many other important issues.

(Note: Bob Doll and Crossmark Global Investments are separate, unaffiliated entities.)

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