Investment Management

Client Centered

Experienced portfolio management oversight firmly grounded in your unique goals and risk tolerance.

In addition to developing your financial plan, Canby Financial Advisors can serve as your investment adviser, strategically determining an investment mix for your retirement and taxable accounts and adjusting them over time as events, markets, and your life situation change.

With an emphasis on portfolio diversification and cost-efficiency, your managed accounts will reflect your distinct needs and objectives, tax concerns, and your personal tolerance for risk.

A Targeted and Diversified Investment Mix

How you diversify your portfolio across different asset classes has been shown to be a critical factor in determining the long-term success of your portfolio. At Canby Financial Advisors, we will help build a appropriate investment mix for each account we manage on your behalf.  

As independent investment advisers, we can offer you access to a wide selection of investment options, including low-cost mutual funds and exchange traded funds and socially responsible investment vehicles. Equally important, we have the experience necessary to know which options may make the most sense for you. We can also consider investments beyond your portfolio, such as your employer retirement plan, to ensure a big-picture perspective.

No Hidden Expenses

You will only pay a quarterly advisory fee, based on the value of the assets under management. You will never pay sales loads, 12(b)1 fees, or other hidden expenses on any mutual funds in your managed account. Your advisory fee and any other account-related maintenance costs will be clearly disclosed on your account statements. 

Ongoing Communications and Support

As an investment management client, you will receive monthly account statements and detailed quarterly performance reports. And while you can contact your Canby Financial advisor anytime to discuss your investments, you will be able to meet with your advisor either in-person or virtually for a formal investment review at least annually to evaluate performance and determine whether adjustments are warranted based on changes in your financial situation and objectives.

You will also be able to access your account information online and you can choose to have your account statements and performance reports available online only rather than having printed versions sent to you. 

Asset allocation programs and diversification do not assure a profit or protect against loss in declining markets. Neither can guarantee that any objective or goal will be achieved.

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