Gretchen Eames

Gretchen Eames

Director of Operations

“Building better mousetraps to improve our clients’ experience working with us is what makes my job rewarding—and fun!”

Gretchen entered the financial services industry by chance, armed with a performing arts degree, a lot of curiosity, and a drive to find and fix inefficiencies and pain points. She has spent nearly 20 years in the RIA industry, starting in administration and client service before finally pivoting fully to operations.

Joining Canby Financial in 2018 as Operations Manager, she now serves as Director of Operations, with a mandate to streamline and elevate Canby Financial’s internal business strategies and processes. She considers her role to be most rewarding when she can take up a daunting challenge, pick it apart, and trace its tendrils across systems and roles in ways that ultimately result in superior client experiences. 

As her Canby Financial associates are well aware, Gretchen loves learning new things and squirreling away bits of knowledge to apply to her next challenge. She lives in Vernon, Connecticut, with her husband Marc, their two children, and a rescue hound named Hildegard.